Sunday, February 2, 2014

Update (because I lack an original title): Day 1,201

I've been a little busy these last couple weeks; so I haven't taken the time to update you on some things.

First off, I went out to distribute school supplies in Solola (on Monday, January 13).  For the most part it went off without a hitch, but I've certainly learned some things for the next year.  For example, next year we'll show up wherever (but probably at the Bodegona unless I find something more cost-effective) with a single compiled list of what we need and then we'll put it in the bags ourselves.  At least one list got lost this year, and the Pastor whose house I stay in while in Solola and I spent about 5 hours checking bags to make sure they had everything they needed.  (I had already put in 2 hours before he and his wife joined me, bringing me dinner and staying to help.)  Also, next year we'll require that every list have the child's full name on it.  We still have 5 lists that we don't know who they belong to and no one to match them up to.

Then, I went back out to Solola on January 15th with the group from COTA to help get set-up for their clinic the next week.  We actually got on the news which is kind of weird and exciting.  (I'm in there twice, not that you nor I really care all that much.)

And then, just days after I got home as I was thinking about taking a break from traveling or doing anything that looked like work, I was told that Monday I would have my shower hooked up, Wednesday I would have to go back out to Solola (for a meeting which never happened...even though I traveled all the way out there), and Friday I would be picking up my "new" stove from a couple who is moving back to the States.  So, I hurried around like a crazy lady trying to get the house all cleaned up after two weeks of neglecting it first for the people who would be putting in the electric to my shower head and later for the people who would be bringing my stove over.  (All people from church; so it wasn't like it was just some stranger who I couldn't care less if they saw my house a mess.)

Besides all that, some mission friends of mine came down bringing my Christmas present from my mother and wanting to get together to network and toss around a few ideas.  So, I hadn't unpacked from the COTA trip when I received another bag even larger of stuff from my mother, and then Friday afternoon after getting the stove, I proceeded to eat lunch in town with the friends which then turned into dinner with yet another couple.  (I love them all, don't get me wrong.)

On top of the bag from the COTA trip and the bag from my mother, the people who sold me their stove also gave me a box full of supplies.  So, now I'm left with--please, God--a week to relax, put the house in order, and maybe work on my weaving or some random translation project.

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