Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Visiting Stateside (Day 720)

Normally my visits to the US are a time to spend with family and friends, getting a little bit accomplished, but mostly just taking a break.  My upcoming visit--just a week away!--is something different.  Or, at least, that was the plan.

I had planned to visit the US and speak in a number of churches, schools, and groups about possibilities of mission work in Guatemala.  I e-mailed about 30 churches and have addressed 3 schools about the possibility of coming and speaking with them.  Of those churches, two have replied: one to tell me that they already work with an organization here in Guatemala and that, no, they do not want any information on short-term mission opportunities nor just Guatemala as a country.  The other replied to tell me that they'd pass on the information to their missions person whom I have not heard from.  Many churches hold their council meetings on the first Sunday of each month; this lack of response didn't bother me much until yesterday.  Of the schools, 2 have responded and both asked me to speak during some religious meeting that they hold.  I really am okay with that.  What I do is religious in nature; although some might just write me off as "a good person."

So, I'm throwing this out there: if you, your group, your school, or your church would like me to come speak to them about Guatemala and/or mission/volunteer opportunities in Guatemala, please, contact me.  You can leave a comment here; all comments are screened and private.  Only you and I can see them.  I only ask that if you, your church, your school, or your group is outside of SE Michigan that you do a bit of fundraising to help with my transportation costs...or we can do something via Skype.  Technology is a wonderful thing.

I only know that I was called.  I don't know who else is to be called and where they will come from.  Maybe I was just thinking too small.  Additionally, if you are from one of the 30 churches I wrote to and are reading this now, please get back to me.  Thanks!