Who's Who?

Educacion con Esperanza (EcE) has a fair number of people who make it tick.  This is not an exhaustive list as there are lots of other people who either prefer to remain anonymous or who have helped in ways I'm not even aware of.  This is simply a list of people who I mention by name on a regular basis in my blog and you may want to keep straight in your head as a result.

Annalisa--That's me.  I'm the director of EcE.  I created this program in 2013 looking for a practical way to help the poor of Guatemala that wouldn't insult their dignity nor create a culture of dependency.

Manuel--Manuel is one of my community leaders out in Solola.  He and I have been working together since 1 day after I started EcE. The mayor of Solola found out what I was doing and sent Manuel out to check it out and to take me to meet more families.  He is my guide, driver, and translator in Solola and is pretty much indispensable. He serves his community on other capacities as well.

Zoila--Zoila is my newest community leader.  Her community is in Sacatepequez.  She has been serving her community for 18 years.  I met her when a friend accidentally sent me (instead of her sister) something on Facebook.  EcE seemed like a good fit for the needs of the poor in the community.

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