Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Putting Things on Pause: Day 1,870

Activism in Guatemala is pretty strong.  People are passionate about their country and their government.  This can be a good thing, and it can also be a dangerous thing.  For the last 20+ weeks, there have been protests, mostly in the capitol.

First, they were just about the president and vice president being corrupt.  The VP resigned.  But as the case opened up more and more, Guatemalans became outraged at the extent of the corruption.  Now the protests are against the national elections (and still against the president) which will be held on September 6th.  The people do not want elections under these conditions.  They want the corruption to be wiped out of Guatemalan politics before making a new start in January 2016.

And, at this point, the protests are no longer just in the capitol.  They are on many different roads in various parts of the country.  And so, without having my own vehicle, my handsomer half has asked that I pause my work in Solola.  Under normal conditions, I do not feel it is dangerous.  (To be fair, I don't feel it's dangerous to me right now either; I'm not a politician nor do I represent nor support any political party.)  However, he feels that traveling on public transport could result in me (and fellow passengers) being abandoned on the side of the road in some remote area of the highway between here and Solola.

So, for now, I'm staying close to home and getting stuff organized.  We have been looking at potentially changing houses; although, our eventual hope is to buy land to build on or a house.  Just keep us in your prayers, please, especially as my handsomer half works in the capitol.