Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mission Moment: May & June

 I originally wrote this article for the May newsletter, but I didn't have internet access to send it in. I apologize and hope that you enjoy reading this article and seeing me. And then it got added to...

While impatiently waiting to hear back from my contacts in Solola to plan the next meeting with the families, I took some time to visit some new communities. These were simply just visits with friends to meet their families and get to know new places, but let's face it: most people who know me down here know what I do. So, I took a trip to a small village in the department of Santa Rosa and a trip to Zacapa.
There is something to be said about visiting new places. The first thing to be said is that one should always wear a good pair of tennis shoes or hiking boots. The second thing to be said is that it is a good idea to not stray to the left or the a literal sense. Fortunately, the people who I was traveling with both times were aware that the paths we would walk were slightly dangerous, and perhaps they were even aware that I miss walking among trees. More than once, they would have to stop to make sure I didn't get too far behind. And after nearly falling a few times trying to take it all in while I walked, I even had my hand held. (I did fall once, but it was from slipping on loose, dry dirt, product of the dry season; I was watching my step that time.)
I feel very blessed that I get to work in some beautiful places among wonderful people, and every place I visit deepens my heart for these people.

So, I just got a call from my contacts in Solola asking me to head out to visit them next week, but next week, I'm on a plane to Michigan. We agreed to have the meetings both on one day early in the week; therefore it won't interfere with travel plans. I'll admit that I'm excited to see the families and see the grades. There's one part of me that is telling me to not get my hopes up too much, but this is at least going to be a measurable progress mark. I get to see their grades, and I get to give out the point booklets to the families. Every new step feels like a new beginning.
the way, I finally came up with a name for the program. I'll be calling itEsperanza con Educaciónwhich meansHope with Education.It is a play on the wordHope.We know that the true hope is in the salvation of Jesus the Christ. Many people, however, will see this with a secular view ofhope for a better future here on Earth.Even in such a religious country such as Guatemala, it's always good to gain trust of the people before just sharing the Gospel.
you all for your love and support, and I look forward to personally sharing with you SOON!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Explaining Myself: Day 1,290

I never give more than I have, but I never run out of things to give.  There is a reason for that.  Many people when they talk about giving, they are talking about giving with their wallet.  My wallet is quite small.  To give with my wallet would end quickly.  Instead, I choose to give with my heart.  When a person has a healthy heart--not talking about medical health here--it is a font of love; it has no end.  It doesn't run out.

Do you give?  How do you give?

Yo nunca doy mas que tengo, pero nunca acaba lo que puedo dar.  Hay una razon.  Muchas personas, cuando hablan de dar, estan hablando de dar con su billetera.  Mi billetera es muy pequeña.  Dar con mi billetera terminaria rapido. En cambio, yo elijo dar con mi corazon.  Cuando alguien tiene un corazon saludable--y no estoy hablando de salud medica aqui--es un manantial de amor; no tiene fin.  No acaba.

Y usted da?  Como da?