Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fasting and More Fasting (Day 501)

First, a few more notes on my fast.

1) It came to my attention that if I eat absolutely nothing for 40+ days that I could actually screw up my, um, eliminatory system.  Now, I believe that God protects those who do things to walk more closely with Him, and that I wouldn't have any problem; however, so as to not stress out other people, I've decided to eat a little one day every week.  The Sundays during Lent are actually excluded from the 40 days of Lent (because they are supposed to belong to the Lord anyway).  As the goal of my fast is to spend more time in the Word and focused on God, I've decided to exclude Sunday from my fast as on Sundays I go to church, listen to a sermon, and spend time fellowshipping with other believers (both in and out of the church)...and maybe share a meal with other believers as well.

2) Some people do fasting the "easy way."  They completely eliminate the distraction from their life: clean the food/meat/CocaCola/computer out of the house.  Instead, I've decided to step it up a bit.  Every day, I cook.  Last week, I cooked for a neighbor of mine who often works a 12-hour day.  I got out of bed at 5 am every day so that the food would be cooked and packed (and I'd be dressed to take it to his house) by the time he left for work at 7:30 am.  This week, I might cook dinner every day for my former neighbor (Juana, whose grandson celebrated his 1st birthday in November) and her family.  I don't have a lot here in Guatemala, but what I do have, I try to share because that's what we're commanded to do.

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