Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Common, minor setbacks (Day 525)

Don't worry.  I haven't forgotten about you.  I just haven't had much time to write recently.  There have been a couple small changes in my life and a couple big changes in my life.

First of all, before I confuse anyone, I need to note that I did stop the fast.  Why?  Well, because in order to keep the fast, I was drinking a lot of liquids, and the liquids I was choosing to drink were not always the healthiest choice: soda pop.  (I can tell you that I like Fanta Strawberry better than Fanta Grape now...)  Anyway, the Bible says that our bodies are the temple of the Lord, and I said to myself: "Self, why would you put junk in the temple?"  So, about two weeks ago, I stopped the fast and decided to eat healthily instead.  What I am about to say next won't confuse you now.

So, a small change in my life is that I think I have parasites again.  I first had parasites in January.  (Admittedly, I must have had them since before then, but they were discovered in January.)  Anyway, the effects that parasites have on the body makes sitting down and writing a blog entry about the last thing a person wants to do.

We're also in exams right now at the school in the village.  I've never really written exams before; so this was a first.  I'm constantly learning as a missionary.

I also have a new housemate, but more on that later.

Also, the young man I have mentioned at least once--Edgar--is looking to get a visa to travel to the United States in June.  I have helped him fill out his application and written a letter of recommendation.  Christina, the young woman who stayed with me in December, has sent a letter of invitation to her wedding.  So, now all that is left is his interview at the American embassy at 8:30 am on April 4th.  (This is 10:30 am for those of you in the Eastern Time Zone; 9:30 am for those of you in the Central Time Zone.)  Please, please, PLEASE keep him in your prayers.  He is an exemplary young man who will not violate the boundaries of his visa should it be granted to him.  Many Guatemalans never try to get a US visa because of the natural assumption that they will violate it and work illegally in the United States.  Edgar--a 21-year old male Guatemalan--is exactly the profile that the USA doesn't want to give a visa to.  However, with his educational history and his current income (equivalent to what the Guatemalan government requires that anyone who wants residency earns in US currency), I feel like he has a chance.  So, we'll see.  Just please keep him in your prayers through the next week.

And as a final quick note (the intestines are burbling), this is an interesting article that a friend posted on Facebook and I thought I'd share with you all:

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I just read a good chunk of your blog and it sounds like you have a pretty interesting life here. :) How are the Kachiquel lessons coming along?