Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 51

I was sitting at breakfast today trying to remember when I last updated; so I decided it was time for an update. The last 5 days have either been so slow that it wasn't worth saying much or so busy that I haven't had time to say anything. I guess the big news as of late is my two Grandes English classes. For the most part, they haven't been showing up. Yesterday, Estuardo asked me for a list of who showed up that day. In 2 classes, a total of 5 grandes had shown up, but the two in the first class just left partway through. I did not give them permission to leave. So, when Estuardo asked for a list, I gave him the names of the three boys who had come to the later class and stayed until I gave them permission to leave. My second class of Medianos is a little rough too. I have one boy who can't read or write Spanish (let alone English). He's always disrupting class and asking if he can leave and whatever else he can think of to do to curb his boredom. Not really sure what to do with him, but wringing his neck is somewhat high on the list.

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