Thursday, January 7, 2016

Disappointment and God Reasons: Day 2,004

You might remember that about 2.5 years ago I dealt with a little disappointment concerning moving out to Solola where I thought I'd be more useful; I cannot find that I ever explicitly told you about this, but God had a reason for me to not move, and that was to watch two neighbor boys while their sisters were in school and mother was at work.  (Their grandmother had been watching them, but her son--who lived in another town--got sick; so she went to care for him.)

Right now I feel like I'm going through something similar.  A friend had thought about putting a bakery in one room of our house which was going to help out a lot with the rent; while I was in the States visiting family, she decided not to and didn't tell me.  So, I came back to that.  (She had posted on Facebook, but I hadn't seen it.  Still not a great way to find out.)

So, we talked about what to do with that room, and I had pretty much decided that I would use it as my office.

Today I found out that neither young lady will be coming to study in Antigua next year.  (One isn't going to study at all while the other will only be studying on the weekends in Solola.)  In short, we prepared our house to have two rooms not being used by us in addition to having a guest room...and then neither of those two rooms' intended purposes happened.

However, a friend called looking for a place to stay for a while and occupied my guest room a couple days ago.  And so I need another guest room.  But I have the room that was prepped for the girls.  (Okay, I don't *need* a guest room, but they're useful.)  In short, God knew I would need the space for my friend.  It doesn't really make it less disappointing that Mercedes and Wendy won't continue studying, but at least we didn't prepare the house for nothing.  And, trying to look on the bright side, as I don't have my residency yet, leaving the country in May was going to be difficult while juggling my responsibilities with them.

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