Sunday, November 1, 2015

What's next?: Day 1,937

This is more about the meeting on Thursday.  I had the chance to talk to Mercedes and Wendy's mothers (as well as Mercedes's brother as their mother's Spanish isn't very good).  I presented to them the option of the two teens coming to live with me next year.  It's common knowledge that the two young ladies want to continue their studies; however, to do so where they currently live is not highly practical nor financially sound...which is why they received the invites.

To be clear, I would not be inviting them to come live with me if they hadn't shown over the past two years that they are mature, responsible, and respectful.  I would not be inviting them to come live with me if they hadn't shown that they actually care about studying and believe in the importance of an education.  I wouldn't be inviting them to live with me if their families had not proven to be trustworthy.  Because, in the end, I will be the one responsible for them and anything that happens while they are in my care can be made to be my fault.  (Mercedes will be 17 next year, and Wendy will be 16.)

Do I think they will accept the invitations?  I think Wendy's family will.  In the past few months, her mother has been very sick/weak from what I understand.  The family is Q10,000 in debt and the father has been unable to work as he has taken over all of the housework.  (I'm not sure why Wendy can't do it in the morning and Floricelda in the afternoon, but I won't complain since they're both pulling good grades.)  Wendy's uncle was taken in by a relative when he was a boy, a relative who didn't live in the Solola area, and he later returned much more educated and able to earn well.  Having Wendy come to live with me would just be a different kind of "relative taking in a family member to help with finances" sort of move.
Will Mercedes's family?  I don't know, and that frustrates me because, while I believe that everyone should be able to have a quality education if they want it, I think she's the one who really needs it.  She has a special needs little sister, and someday, when her mother dies, she'll probably be the one who has to care for her little sister.  That means she either needs to earn well or marry well...both of which are more possible when one has a better education.  At the same time, though, the family depends on her to help out in the home now.  Could they do it?  Could they make it work?  I think so.  But I think it will take a lot more convincing than Wendy's family.  Please be praying.

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