Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 21 (morning)

How to take a shower

  1. Sit in your cold room for about an hour replying to e-mails and facebook posts (so the water doesn't seem so cold)
  2. Get undressed, put on your shower shoes, and wrap yourself in your towel (you'll want it later)
  3. Leave your room and go to the shower room (the best place to take a shower)
  4. Hang your towel on the hook furthest from the shower head (so it doesn't get too wet)
  5. Turn the water on strong enough so that the water is diverted to the secondary (mobile) showerhead (so you can direct the water where you want it.
  6. Turn down the water (so that there is not enough water running through that the overhead still runs)
  7. Get your hand ready to rub anything that you plan to wash (the friction of the hand will keep it from being quite so cold)
  8. Shower (getting only what you want to clean wet)
  9. Turn off shower (water is a big expense)
  10. Wrap your towel around you and get out of there.
  11. Scurry back to your room and crawl under your fleece blankets for about 15 minutes (to defrost)
  12. Get dressed.

Things to not do while taking a shower:

  • Wash your hair if it doesn't need it. (If it does, bend over so that the water does not run down your face, neck, back, etc.)
  • Shave (unless the act of shaving will allow you to wait longer until your next shower)
  • Brush your teeth (the water isn't safe for that)
  • Stand close while trying to figure out the system.

Please note that these directions apply to normal living in Guatemala and should not necessarily be used when considering all accommodations in Guatemala.

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